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Jack Pemba Slapped Outside Club Play

The tale of Uganda’s tycoons is very similar. Young men with lots of money who love to party. Jack Pemba of Pemba Sports Africa is no different, as he has made his mark on the night scene as a party animal. Well on Friday night, outside Club Play, the money lord got his day of reckoning as an unidentified party goer slapped him back into his senses.

It all started when Pemba was departing the Industrial Area based Club at around 5am. He had been on a noticeable party, with a table filled with all types of drinks. He was in good company with the beautiful songstress Angella Katatumba. On moving out, Pemba parked his state of the art Range Rover in the middle of the road to go and grab a bite from the snacks truck just by the roadside.

pemba drinks

The drinks on Pemba’s table on Friday night

The disgruntled perpetrator of the slap, a tall light skinned chap, was driving a white Harrier. On seeing Pemba’s Range obstructing him, he moved forward and banged it with his fist. Pemba saw him and quickly went to get help from the bouncers.

The bouncers arrived, but could not beat up the man. He entered his Harrier, and Pemba took the opportunity. He went to the window of the Harrier and insulted the life out of the man with plenty of f**k words.


Pemba, the victim of the slap


Hardly had he finished the array of insults when the man paid him back. He slapped him once, and before Pemba could take it in, he slapped him again. Then he drove off, leaving Pemba surprised as well as humiliated. All this happened as his date Angella Katatumba was watching from the Range.

Pemba sought the comfort of his friends to comfort him before later leaving the Club.

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