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A Look At Alex Muhangi’s Career As He Celebrates His Birthday

As Alex Muhangi celebrates his birthday today, we take a look at his career path.

Muhangi is a standup comedian and music producer who is redefining the game in his different fields of work. Chano8 got a chance to meet with the hilarious comedian and this is how it went down.

What motivates you to do comedy?

There is nothing that really motivates me. This whole journey started with Standup Uganda in 2009. I like to take on challenges and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on, because growing up, my friends used to always refer to me as a funny guy. When the parties came around, people would call me up to just go and hang with them because they knew I would crack them up.

I think the main thing that pushes me is that, every time I jump on stage I have to do new material, it’s sort of a challenge and motivation as well.

Do you meet any challenges when coming up with material for your comedy shows?

No, I don’t. Every day I hear a new joke written by a random guy. I think people are funnier than us the comedians because when I get on my social media channels, I find so many jokes from people. The material is overwhelming, every other day there is something new to talk about.

Alex Muhangi at his work station

Alex Muhangi at his work station

Okay, that’s interesting, tell us about your music ambitions.

I studied music production and in 2007 while in my second year at campus, I joined Fenon records. They were also kind enough to also sponsor my further studies in South Africa for six months where I mastered in music production. So since then, I have been making music and radio adverts.

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