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A Pass And Ykee Benda In New Twitter War Over Fik Fameica’s Flopped Concert

One of the most talked about things from last weekend is rapper Fik Fameica’s ‘My Journey Concert’ low turn up. Fik’s haters and critics took it upon themselves to exaggerate the matter on social media but we shouldn’t forget the fact that the young rapper treated fans to an awesome live performance.

Following the concert, Dancehall artiste A Pass took his Twitter account where he posted a controversial statement assuring his fans and well wishers how his concert cannot flop because he feels he is too big for a flop.

“If I make a concert, it can’t flop… that’s impossible I am too big for flops and I have so many haters who want to see me fail so they will come as well and join my huge fan base and enjoy the show, I won’t be singing for chairs. This I promise you. Save my tweet” Read A Pass’ tweet

Twitter users were quick to give their opinions about this statement and among them was singer Ykee Benda who attacked A Pass by telling him off to stop downplaying Fameica’s hustle in disguise but rather show him support.

“This is the part about you bro that is wrong…What Fik needs is your support at this moment..Not you trying downplay his hustle in disguise of praising yours! Not cool!!…..Karma is a b***h remember that” Ykee Benda replied to A Pass’ tweet but little did he know that A Pass wasn’t going to take it lightly.

In his rude reply to Benda, A Pass claimed that his tweet was not meant to hit at Fik Fameica but aimed at his (A Pass’) critics who earlier said that he cannot hold a successful concert

“My tweet has nothing to do with what you said… if I had anything to say to Fik I would give him a call but he is not my friend just like you are not my bro but an associate in the industry. If I send for you, then am brainless. If you send for me, you’re senseless.” A Pass Tweeted.

This sparked off an exchange of words as the artistes got personal and began dissing each other  in more tweets as twitter users enjoyed their war of words, as shown in the screenshots below


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