A Pass’ New Love Dancehall Tune Leaves Him ‘Didadada’

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Of late, A Pass has been and is still talking a lot over his upcoming ‘African Yayo’ album although we still don’t know when he will release it. He yesterday the 8th of February finally dropped a Dancehall track off the album dubbed ‘Didadada’.

Produced by himself and mixed and mastered by Herbert Skills, ‘Didadada’ is a typical Dancehall Song with vibrant beats. He sings about a moment when a boy falls in deep love with a girl who in the long run makes him speechless. He has many words to tell the chick but when he meets her, it is a whole different kind of story as he panics and forgets everything.

About The song

Just like a true Dancehall artiste, A Pass starts off the song with a killer intro bragging how he is going higher and runs the place before singing the chorus which explains the feeling the girl makes him have that makes him loose him himself as well as the words.

The strong feeling he has for the girl makes him fail to explain what exactly the she does to him and Lyrics like ‘You didadada me’ clearly show that A Pass is all confused with this strong love feelings he has for the girl of his love.

He later discloses to the girl how he fears her and how every time they meet his heart beat multiplies on top of losing words. All this does not stop him from telling the girl however.

In the second and final verse, A Pass tells us more about the girl, her good body, the way she moves it and how it grooves him before promising to be with her and never be an actor.

As we talk now, the song’s video is already done and ready for release on Friday the 9th of February but on releasing it yesterday the 7th of February, artiste Bebe Cool was the first person to buy a hard copy of the tune which is expected to hit the dancing halls.

Listen to ‘Didadada’ by A Pass here 


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