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Artistes Gravity Omutujju And Victor Kamenyo Draw Battle Lines

The battle lines have been drawn and come next Friday, two of the highly promising Luga-flow artistes will be having their concerts on the same date.

With Gravity Omutujju having ascended to fame before Kamenyo and this being his third concert in the music industry, odds are in his favor but not to underrate Kamenyo in the other corner due to the fact that this is also his first concert since turning professional and with the fact that he’s having it in the city centre.

The two artistes are slated to have their concerts on the same day (Friday 9th October) which also happens to be Independence day. Gravity is having his dubbed ‘Omwotto’ at Freedom city while Victor Kamenyo will be at Muganzirwa launching ‘Silina malala. Entry fee to both concerts is shs10,000 and 20,000 respectively.

Gravity 222

Victor Kamenyo (L) and Gravity Omutujju have set same date

It is said the two can’t see eye to eye after Victor Kamenyo rose to fame by using Gravity’s style of music and it’s for this reason that both throw jibes at each other in their songs.

Some of the songs that made Gravity a house hold name include ‘Winner’ with King Saha, Walumbe zaha rmx, Bijanjalo, broken English among others while Kamenyo has songs like ‘Silina malala, Agawalagana rmx, Olukiiko and Kijja to mention a few.

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