Average Performances From Tekno And Mr Eazi Despite ‘Sell Out’ Concert

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

There were some questions that remained un answered during the build up to the Bell Jamz West Africa to Kampala concert featuring the big stars Tekno and Mr Eazi especially concerning Tekno. First of all he was nowhere to be seen during the last presser to unveil the artistes lined up for the show with only Mr Eazi available alongside local stars.

The other issues were to do with his Nairobi concert where reports emerged that things did not go well with some sections of fans who were blaming him for a poor showing. So the jury was all out to see what he could offer for his Ugandan fans at this particular one by Bell

Talking about Ugandan fans, they turned up in big numbers and pretty early too for what was hyped to be concert of the year. By 7:00pm when the curtain raisers started action, the ordinary section was almost full with most seats at the VIP section also take. It was only the VVIP section (which was beautifully set up) that still had empty seats at this time. As they say rich people take their time and are never late.

So to kick start things, Team No Sleep members Chosen Blood, Fefe Buusi, Roden Y Kabako, New rap king Fik Fameica opened the first session with bullet-runs before Bruno K and Fille joined to cool the tempo a little bit.

Electric: Kabako and Fik Fameica raising the bar at the start of the concert

Fille and Bruno K (Above) cooled the tempo with some slow jams

With the stage now warm enough, new kid on the block YKee Benda then stormed the stage in dramatic style with his dancers dressed in white ninja attire with red hoods. He joined them a few seconds later donning the same color combination with his having more red than white and straight away unleashed his hit songs that have now made him a force to reckon with in the music industry.

He first did ‘Eva’ and then followed with the others like ‘Mun Kampala, Byankola and ‘Menya Eggumba’ where he was joined by dancer Eddie Wizzy before introducing Queen Sheebah with their block buster collabo ‘Farmer’. The stage was left for Shebah who did more dancing and showing of her body than singing. Cindy then crowned the session with another yet colourful and well choreographed performance.

At this stage, the stage was now set for the big boys although DJs RPM, BK, Roja and Slick Stuart had their sessions messed up by technical hitches and bad sound coupled with terrible MCing from hosts Anita Fabiola and Mc Kats who kept killing the vibe and spirit of the party every time they stepped on stage with their dull and lazy presentation.

DJs RPM and BK had their session interrupted by technical glitches throughout

First on stage was Mr Eazi whose band did the welcoming and intro session with some impressive instrumentation and the Nigerian who has spent most of his time in Ghana, walked on stage dressed like more of a farmer than a star musician in a beach shirt tacked into a black track bottom and a hat loosely hanging from his back with red nike trainers.

He did not have much time for pleasantries and went straight to business. Although his band was trying its best, it seems Mr Eazi ran flat halfway through his performance as most of the songs like  ‘sample you’, dance for me’, fire burn’ started sounding the same but the fans kept encouraging him on as they sang along. He had a 15-minute ‘break’ where his Ghananian DJ took over and did some mixing as he did the animation. He engaged the fans well as he kept moving around the stage and also jumped into the crowd several times that seemed to excite the fans.

Mr. Eazi and his queen dncers doing their thing.

Lights, Camera and set: Mr Eazi being covered by the massive press

“Uganda is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Life is easy with Mr Eazi. When I say life is Eazi, you say Zagga Dat” He bellowed.

He concluded his time on stage at around 10:00pm with his most popular and crowd’s favourite song ‘Leg Over’. First he introduced the re-mix featuring French Montana before unleashing the original version that got the fans dancing.

After Mr Eazi, Uganda’s own Bebe Cool came on stage as if to try and prove a point to the West Africans. His entry too was dramatic with queen dancers first showcasing in a white enclosure before he appears dressed in all black. Sheds, T-Shirt, Shorts and Boots all black as he rasied the tempo with some of his popular songs ‘katono’’18 N Over ’, ‘Love you every day’, ‘Kabulengane’ and ‘Mbozi za malwa’ with energetic dances accompanying his performances.

Bebe Cool with his dancer doing some erotic movements

Ten Al Haji Tekno had his make or break moment and his super star status helped wipe out everything performance related as fans especially the ladies just got crazy and stormed the front of the stage to feel the young artsite. Some just kept screaming while others fought to have a touch of the Nigerian and never cared a bit about what he was singing never mind how he was doing it. All they wanted was a pice of him with some asking him to marry them.

Tekno made things worse when he said Ugandan ladies are very beautiful and if it was possible, he Look at all this fine girls. “Oh good there are fine girls all over this place. If it was within my means, I would marry you all. If I can only know the name of one, I will marry her.”  He said.

This killed them even more as they shouted in chorus “Marry Me Tekno”

Most of the fans especially the so called Slay Queens at this stage, like mentioned earlier, cared less about the music and only concentrated on the person on stage. Tekno knew it and then gave them more of himself than the music. He threw his jacket into the crowd, followed by his sheds, the wet face towel and then the gold chain.

Please marry me: Slay Queens begging Tekno

He did some new songs which were unfamiliar to the crowd but brought life back when he started working the crowd with some dance moves as he did the more common ones like  ‘Samantha’, ‘Pana’, ‘Duro’, ‘Where’ and the finished with ‘Rara’. Like Tekno, he also moved around to give the fans a close up before disappearing back stage at a quarter to mid night as the crowd was left to wake up from the slumber with few noticing the average performances.

The hosts Mc Kats and Anita Fabiola turned out to be a bore for the crowd

The show at Lugogo Cricket oval was well attended yesterday

Roja tries to light up things with this smoke flare

Sheebah was as her usual erotic best







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