Bebe Cool Fires Back At Bobi Wine “You Are A Music Failure”

What started like a seemingly good gesture has turned into a nasty fight. This started when Ghetto president Bobi Wine asked his fans to vote for Bebe Cool in the MTV Awards. Sounds like an olive branch given to Bebe Cool considering the two music nemesis have been at logger heads for a long time. But wait a minute Bobi Wine’s statement ends with something to do with ‘ill manners’ and that is exactly what has irked the ‘Go Mama’ singer.

While concluding his statement, Bobi Wine claims if Bebe Cool wins the award ( Best music video for the son Love you Everyday) it may help change his Bebe Cool’s) ‘ill manners’

Bebe Cool has now responded on social media by blasting Bobi Wine as a music failure and a drug addict who has no good music to his name.

“Drugs drugs drugs,I always will say drugs r bad coz they lead u to do so many mistakes n they even make some pipo think n see themselves where they r not.
Now this music failure comes up to say am ill mannered, hmm mm. Emitwe gino!
U r a married man,still having live sex with any gal in the clubs n bringing your wife kids,u promote drug, U DON’T HAVE good MUSIC,u can’t speak English,your local,u stay far from town and you brand a BIG MAN nominated in
 awards,with GREAT MUSIC LIKE GO MAMA ALBUM, ill mannered.”

Bebe Chamilli and Bobi

Bobi Wine Jose, Chameleone and Bebe Cool in their hey days. The three now have a relationship full of frictions


Bebe Cool


Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool who seemed pissed off from the tone of his posts also says he is not interested in votes that come with negative attachment and would rather do without.
“By the way I thought fans r for musicians with good music,little did I know there r fans for big mouths,n just to remind u voting for bebecool is by academy,on internet,for the learnt,with MBs,and those who can PRESS burtons.
I know u seeking attention but wrong move boy n to all fans of this TONTOMIST,pliz DONT vote for me coz u will vote wrongly n we might lose.
Wama abanjagala let’s go. Click here to vote for bebe cool love you everyday in mtv music awards 2015 video of the category.”
Be concluded

However, we at Chano8 encourage our artistes to concentrate on doing music that can bring Uganda and East Africa more international awards and the much coveted global recognition.

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