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Bebe Cool tackles the national budget

Bebe Cool has always been known to be very outspoken, however this time his not stirring up controversies, but rather sharing concerns of the common man. He tackles the issue of tax imposed on farmers in the recently read national budget.

Bebe Cool goes on to say ‘ Greatest Mistake made in this budget is a tax burden on the farmer. An ordinary farmer in the village will be no more and therefore food security will get to its highest level. A farmer is going to pay tax on a hoe, seed, sprayer, fertiliser, pesticide, salt, sugar and paraffin. This will automatically faze out the small scale farmer who is the major supplier for food. Commercial farmers in Uganda are less than 10% and most of them plant cash crops. So who is going to feed this country if a small scale farmer(80%) is fazed out. The president’s ‘gospel’ of promoting Agriculture will have no impact since this tax policy is meant to punish the farmer who is already earning nothing. In the long run the country will be hit by famine and may start looking for supplies from neighbouring countries.

He concludes by saying, ‘My Advise to My dear President, instead of taxing agri-inputs to affect food security, you should increase taxes on luxuries.’

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