Belgium-Based Cameroonian Singer Ayahnash Here To Spread Her Wings

Belgium-Based Cameroonian singer Favour Manyor aka Ayahnash is in the country to spread her music wings to this side of the continent as she embarks on a journey she says will bring her closer to her fans as well as win new ones to expand on her ever- growing fan base across the globe.

Besides making new friends and selling her work in Uganda and East Africa, she is also here on a serious work mission where she intends to complete some of her new projects which includes shooting a video for her latest productions particularly ‘Far Away’ an RnB smooth rhythm in which she bellows out her feelings to a lover in relation to challenges to do with long-distance relationships.

Cameroonian Ayahnash strikes a sexy pose. She is in the country to promote her new songs and work on new projects as well

Chano8 caught up with her at SMS ONE offices in Kololo where she had dropped off some of her latest productions to sign for Caller Ring Back Tunes (CRBT) and shared her short but exciting music journey so far.


24-year old Favour Manyor popularly known by her stage name Ayahnash is a Cameroonian singer based in Belgium. She was born 5th May 1993 in Manfe Cameroon to Cameroonian father Mr. Ebue Daniel Ndep and Nigerian mother Rose Abang. Her father is of Akwaya origin while her mother is of Boki origin from Kalaba. She is also a qualified nurse specialising in geriatrics.

“My name Ayahnash comes from two things Nash from ashtray where Nash means ash, while Ayah is my first name meaning peace. I came to Kampala through a guy called Tony (Ocean) who I met some time back and now he manages me here”. She narrates

She speaks to Chano8’s Roy Ruva during the exclusive interview

After high school in Cameroon and Nigeria, she decided to go to Iceland before settling in Belgium. The singer/songwriter and performer kicked off her music career back in 2014 as a gospel artiste where she recorded a 6-track gospel album which is available in the market before she decided to extend her musical venture into circular music with the release of her first circular debut album track titled ‘Sumanguru’ which she did in her native language is fast becoming a popular club banger in Cameroon and other parts of the continent.


After kick-starting her music journey in 2014 with a gospel album, she tried the secular world with the first project that she wrote and produced in 2016 called ‘Sumanguru’ which is already catching fire on the airwaves with a video released in July 2017. The song summarizes the life of a girl who craves for sexual satisfaction alongside targeting large pockets and was produced by P.E Mekoyo Entertainment in Abuja, Nigeria.

She does mostly Afro-pop and RnB music and wants to start by promoting about three songs with ‘Sumanguru’ and ‘Far Away’ whose video she has just shot with Henix Touch (Uganda) from Jinja, high on the agenda. She expects to promote both the audios and videos.

Performer: Ayahnash in Sumanguru music video showing her dancing and acting skills.


Ayahnash who has only been in Kampala for about a week says she likes the place because it’s ‘a beautiful country with friendly people’. Ugandans love music and they like to party a lot which is good. I am expecting to do some collabos and may be a show in future but unfortunately for now my vacation is short and I have to go back to Belgium, so I can’t really promise anything but we are hoping for the best. She explains

When we asked her about Ugandan artistes she knows and her favourite. ‘Kenzo is my guy, I am his big fan and I love his music. I also love Navio and some ladies who I don’t want to mention.

 You can watch a full video of Sumanguru below;






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