Betty Aliba Organizer Fish Fest, And Corporate Beach Soccer Speaks Out

AAs the Fish festival approaches, we had time to talk to one of the main organisers of the event Betty Aliba who spoke to us about the event and what to expect come December 17th.

Qn. Tell us more about the fish fest

It’s a must attend for trendsetters, corporates & families! It’s intended to celebrate the great sea food ” fish” in its different types and different forms of cooking.

Qn. Why did you organize the fish fest alongside the corporate beach soccer?
To give Ugandans a more exciting and diverse experience more especially at end of the year, this way the environment is more enabling to share the long years challenges and achievements while having fan

3. Who are you expecting to attend this bash?
Corporates, families & youths

Qn. Why is it important for Ugandans to attend the fish festival, on the sidelines of the beach soccer tournament?

Opportunity to network with leading corporate institutions and meet faces behind them
Appreciate and celebrate one of the most exciting & delicious Uganda’s sea food ” fish” but more so break lose and have fan with friends and family

Qn. And why did you pick December 17? Any thing special about the date?

It’s end of year, kids are back from schools and corporate institutions are yet to break off for the Christmas holidays, best time to have a family of stake holders who matter ie family & corporate institutions together.

7. UWEC is said to be the longest beach in Uganda, yet, it’s within an animal sanctuary, how is your event going to utilize those benefits?

We have set a very affordable entry fee ie 10k & 5k for adults & kids respectively. This will include tour of the zoo, watching games & music and entertainment plus those who wish to swim on this long beach they will be at ease to do so

Qn. Anything else you want to say?
This is a must-attend for companies, entrepreneurs in fish industry, families and fish lovers. This sandwich happens only once in a year, it’s a unique experience, we all deserve it.

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