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Big Brother Hotshots: Frankie Has A Crush On Miss Uganda

Frankie has a huge crush on Miss Uganda ‘Ellah.’

Rwandese representative Frankie confided in Nigeria’s Tayo about his crush on Ellah. He says he was born in Uganda, understands the language and probably speaks it better than her.

Tayo and Frankie talk about Miss Uganda

Tayo and Frankie talk about Miss Uganda


This is how the conversation went down.

Frankie: After she gave me the drink, I told her I want to talk to you so bad, she said no Frankie, is it because you’re drunk, let’s talk tomorrow.
Tayo: Maybe you were drunk, so did you the next day.
Frankie: The next you could see she’s kind of running away a little bit. I know my game and I can tell when somebody is willing to listen, she could be willing to listen, but there is no way you can tell me Miss Uganda is single.
Tayo: It’s very possible, the most beautiful women out there are struggling to find love, what are you talking about, you can’t say because she’s a beauty queen, then she has it perfect, it actually makes it harder for her or them.

With that said, lets vote for Miss Uganda to stay in the house and hope Frankie stays as well, love could be in the air.

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