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Bobi Wine Expresses Disgust Over Park Yard Market Dismantling

Photo by Habre Muriisa
  • The remaining part of Park Yard market was also dismantled
  • Bobi Wine expresses disgust over the matter
  • He questions government whether they are informed of the crisis they are creating by doing this

The first round of the dismantling of the famous Owino market was in 2014 when the biggest part of the market that was acting as a shopping centre for thousands of people in Kampala and the neighbouring towns was no longer existing. Ham Shopping Grounds was the quickest replacement leaving a very small part of the Nakivubo Park Yard market that has been working until yesterday when it was dismantled completely.

Workers who have been earning a livelihood there and other well wishers have since used various platforms to show their dissatisfaction after the new management decided to re-develop it and among them is Ghetto president Bobi Wine who has since expressed his view on social media.

Park Yard Market Owino market

Park Yard market being dismantled yesterday

“Park Yard (Owino market) has been destroyed. Even with the clear knowledge that over 80% of our population is Youthful and also knowing that over 85%of our youth are unemployed (Even when educated), another over Ten thousand youth have been suddenly rendered jobless (and futureless). Who does Uganda belong to??? Bobi Wine asked.


Bobi went ahead and questioned Ugandan leaders for their action or silence over the matter which has now become talk of the town;

Do our leaders know what kind of Crisis they’re creating. The youngest population in the world is the most disillusioned with a very uncertain future. Do our leaders even imagine a Uganda of 20 years to come? With such actions, it’s clear that our leaders do not give a damn about the Next Generation but only care about the next General Election”  Bobi concluded.

Just like Bobi asked whether leaders know the crisis they are creating, the question is, do the authorities responsible have a plan for the business men and women who were working there? Only time will tell.


From yesterday and on wards, there will no longer be Park Yard market

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