Bobi Wine’s Seven Promises To Kyadondo East Constituency

Bobi Wine’s decision to stand as a member of parliament for Kyadondo East constituency is no longer a rumour and if you are his ardent fan living in this constituency,you can as well look forward to electing a new member of parliament as we wait for electoral commission (EC) to announce the official voting date for this highly anticipated by-election.

However, although Electoral commission has not yet mad any official communication regarding voting, this has not dragged back Bobi to share some of the things he pledges for his fellow Kyadondo East constituency once put into power. “It is time for a new generation of leaders to step up and take the responsibility of cleaning up our politics. It is for this reason that I am offering myself now as a servant of the people. Let it not be a rumour anymore. I am standing for Member of Parliament as an independent candidate”. Bobi Wine wrote on his Facebook page

Backed up with his die-hard Firebase and Kamwokya fans, the ‘Situka’ singer promises a positive and peaceful campaign and further said that he is indulging in politics not for the need of a job but rather as a leader.

Bobi Wine offers him self as a leader not a politician for Kyadondo East constituency

“This campaign is not about me needing a job; I have many jobs already. This campaign is about the demands of Ugandans right here in Kyadondo East; it is about what we can do together. I have said this before to my die-hard fans and let me say it here again straight: we are going to run a POSITIVE CAMPAIGN.” Wrote Bobi Wine.

But what does Bobi Wine have to offer for Kyadondo East when given an opportunity to represent them in the 9th parliament?. Here are his seven promises.

– I will represent a new generation of Ugandan leadership that serves with integrity and works hard to get things done.

– I will continue to gather community meetings and listen to the priorities of constituents, and bring these priorities to government.

– I will focus on building a better future for Uganda, which means standing up against bad governance and corruption, and concentrating on the needs of the youth.

– I will apply my academic background to educate myself about laws and policies, and I will share this information with my constituents in a way that is easy to understand and entertaining.

– I will use social media to share my experiences in parliament and I will strive to get Ugandans more engaged in politics and leadership in a fun and productive way.

– I will make decisions based not on affiliations but on facts, and I will honour the demands of my constituents no matter their religion, tribe, or political party. Whether rich or poor, every voice will matter, and the best ideas will win.

– I will work with anyone who has the ability and the heart to create positive change for our people, regardless of who they are or where they come from. I will act as a unifier, bringing people together to get our priorities straight and really implement the change we know we need in this country.



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