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Boots In Rains

As I write this, my toes are freezing and am wondering why I don’t take my own advice. Am thinking boots, with the cold and rainy season am sure every girl like me is wondering why the hell don’t I have like 6 pairs of boots. At the Tokosa Food festival last Sunday, I saw a lot of pretty and stylish girls suffer just because they had no boots. When I say boots I don’t mean the farming boots, No, I mean stylish boots.


I have picked out a few of my favorites after trolling town and I wanted to share here.

  • Australia Luxe Collection. It is cute, perfect for work or even casual denim look. It costs a penny if you want the real deal(310$), but if you take a stroll downtown on the streets you will find shops that have it for 120,000shs.


  1. The Feit boots are to die for especially in brown. They are just below the ankle and you can pair then off with shorts, socks or leggings. The original costs 760$ on feitdirect.com or you could settle for something similar at 85,000shs on Mabirizi plaza.


  1. The hunter boots are absolutely my favorite. It has a rich leather and color I have only seen it in maroon so am not so sure about the availability of other colors, if you love heels this is a medium heel so feel free to pair it with a round dress and rock the dance floor. It costs 230$ on their online store and unfortunately I haven’t seen in here.


  1. The UGG x Pendleton is the kind of boot want to wear when your man is taking you hiking or upcountry but you still want to show off your chic fashion. It’s in various colors with a sole that will go the extra mile. The padding inside is warm and fury so your feet will not freeze. It cost 225$ and even cheaper with no label at 85,000shs


  1. Of course I have to say something about the Timberland Knee high boots. For party yes you could wear this, event your jeans will do as well as a cocktail outfit. I love timberlands so I might be biased. On their site, they are 225$ but here in Kampala you will find the knock off version of 150,000shs


You will notice I haven’t mentioned the 6inch glossy heels but am sure in this wet weather it just doesn’t seem like something you could wear anywhere rather than indoors.

Let me know what you think, drop a comment or write us at info@chano8.com

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