Casablanca Bar Goes Ablaze

Just after a week or so when Mugiez Bar in Mutungo went in flames, another bar known as Casablanca located in Kabalagala near Kampala International University has also gone ablaze a few hours back.

The cause of the fire just like at Mugiez, is still unknown but goods worth millions were destroyed in the process and among these are 4 speakers, 1 base speaker, 7 sofa sets, 7 chairs, 7 fridges, 3 flat screens among others.

The bar which was going to open in a few days’ time was however not all burnt as part of it survived according to the police who rushed to the scene immediately.

“The main building was not affected. Only the wooden extension was burnt and the fire brigade was fast in putting out the fire.” said Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Mr Emilian Kayima.

He also added that investigations have started on what caused the fire.


Residents watch in shock as the bar went up in flames


Already, the bar has two branches, one in Kololo and the other in Mukono. This is the third branch and it’s located on one of Kampala’s busiest streets as well as one of the top night spots for happening places in the country.


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