Chameleone’s ‘Daniela Villas’ Ready To Be Reoccupied After Spending 73 M On Renovation

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Just after he returned from his Hit after Hit tour abroad, Singer Jose Chameleone embarked on renovating his rentals he termed as Daniela Villas a few years back.

 Our reliable sources revealed to us that the singer invested a whopping 73 million Ug Shs into renovating the rentals. The rentals are fully renovated and ready for us now. It has only taken him two weeks to have them ready.

Speaking to another source, we have learnt that some tenants that were evicted from the houses unexpectedly are pleading with him to have them back. Chameleone gave a short notice to Daniela Villas in Bweyogerere a short notice to try renting elsewhere simply because he wanted to renovate them. Some left cursing him.

Jose Chameleone built the rentals four years back and named them after his wife. In fact, allegations did rounds that Daniela herself had put them up for herself as her side business. At the same, the couple were having issues and were rumoured to be on the verge of separating.

Anyway, if the singer can invest 73 m in renovating a house, this shows how well his bank accounts are really doing.

Chameleone’s ‘Daniela Villas’ ready to be reoccupied

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