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Comedian Madrat Survives Fatal Accident


Lately, the comedy industry revolves around two guys. Madrat and Chicco. Not that the rest don’t know what they are doing but simply because the two are currently on everyone’s lips. However, much they recycle their jokes on different occasions, they still make people laugh and because of their talent, they were slated to have a huge performance in Masaka town.

Unfortunately, the two comedians were involved in a fatal accident that almost claimed Madrat’s life. They collided with a speeding car and Madrat, the short one of the two, sustained big cuts especially on his arm while Chico survived with few scratches.


Madrat and Chicco are a force to reckon with in comedy circles

It was Chicco who broke the news on his Facebook that his partner was admitted after the tragedy. “Madrat has got an accident in Masaka town just now. Pray for him bambi,” Chico wrote.

We have reliably been informed that the comedian is improving and will be discharged soon.


Madrat recovering in hospital



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