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Dembe FM’s Sendi Edward Talks About The Copyright Law In Uganda

After several artistes had a dinner with the president Museveni last Friday, several people lashed out at them, calling them myopic because the didn’t address the elephant in the room which is copyright laws that would help them protect their music.

Dembe FM’s Sendi Edward recently came out and talked about copyright. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 he said,

Musicians have a problem. A person is supposed to register his music with the registrations bureau and when he or she is done, proceeds to the Uganda performing rights society that collect royalties from several people. But that’s not the case instead, a musician who has just released his song, because he’s desperate to spread his music, he or she gives money, a cd and a flash to someone and tells them to distribute the song. So you find when Dj’s, radio stations and those who burn cd’s have gotten the song at cost whats so ever.

Sendi Edward explains how the copyright law would work.

Sendi Edward explains how the copyright law would work.

Copyright law’s importance is to look for money in people who use music, but you have already given the music out for free. So many situations you find DJ’s saying that it’s musicians who bring for me this music to play for them at no cost so how can you charge me but if it was being done the right way where a person actually buys the music.

Sendi concluded by saying that Musicians themselves have to organize themselves when they make music they should use the right channels.

Have a look at the exclusive video below.

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