Designers Flaunt Creativity And Boldness At Genesis 4 Fashion Show

Hellen Lukoma just might be organizing her Genesis fashion shows with a reflection of her personality; to be as creative as daring. The model cum actress lit up Cayenne Bar and Restaurant in Bukoto last night with a powerful serving of the works of various designers, many of which were so bold that they raised as many brows as they received standing ovations. The event started at around 8pm, with guests being ushered onto the red carpet. Many of the ladies cut a retro old school look, while most men stepped out in casual soiree outfits. The night’s host Malaika Nyanzi was quick to warm them with stereotype jokes and soon all were settled in, ready to see yet another display of art through fashion.


Malaika looked glamorously

Lukoma’s surprising creativity was pronounced right from the start. As the lady of the night, one would have expected her to be the last to showcase-but no! Helen chose not to wait for the whole crowd, but to give her earliest guests the priority. She was the first to showcase, and nailed it as usual, if the ululations and ovations from the crowd were anything to go by. The other designers too seemed to have picked a leaf. They showcased gowns and wedding attire, jewelry and black and white themed outfits. Among these were Kaz Divo Fashions, Linda Butera Mulira (Nunu) of Omuringa designs, Miriam Muziranange of Momo Designs and Guy B.



This bride and groom were designed by Nunu

The most eye catching was Nina Mirembe’s Gypsy collection. Having hyped the audience satisfactorily, Malaika ushered in Nina’s models, and they were all dressed in provocative lingerie, that was hand stitched by Nina herself! The showing that amount of flesh caught many off guard and an aura of surprise loomed all over the place. However, the models skillfully and playfully worked their way around it, and soon the surprise was turned to intrigue and by the final model, the crowd was totally overwhelmed.


The guys in masks were designed Kaz Divo

The show was punctuated with performances from Alvin Keys who hailed Lukoma as a “diverse and daring designer”, Ykee Bender of the ‘Nimiro’ and ‘Munakampala’ fame as well as a cloth changing dance from Alex popper. Malaika then called upon all the designers who gave the fans a runway moment, much to cheers and claps. Lukoma sealed the show by thanking her fans for diligently coming for her show, before opening the place out for partying till late.


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