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Don Zella Breaks The Silence On What Led To Her Separation With Big Eye

For a long time now, we have been asking ourselves what could have gone wrong between Big Eye and his fiancée Sheila Don Zella for their relationship of many years to come to an abrupt end but yesterday evening, Don Zella who is also an artiste opened up on her Facebook and explained what really led to their separation.

Sheila said that the relationship ended after Big Eye abandoned his marital home because she complained of looking after his friends.

Don Sheillah Zella

Sheila Don Zella

“I was looking after 20 people, 2 were my family members, an askari (security guard) and 2 maids. The rest were his people. It reached an extent when I felt it was too much on my side because I have children who are girls. Growing up with such an environment was not safe for them because these guys used to smoke and drink alcohol. When I talked to him, he didn’t listen and decided to shift and rent a house somewhere with his boys.”

Big Eye 2

Big Eye

As if that wasn’t enough according to her, Big Eye left when she was pregnant with twins and because of the stress, she ended up having a miscarriage. She needed his support the more but he wasn’t there. Neither did he burry the children. RIP

This was the final blow to the end of the relationship even though the couple has three children together.


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