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Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Jambole’ goes viral

Kenzo’s ‘Jambole’ video has gone viral on YouTube owing to the fact that it features an adorable group of Ugandan youngsters that showcase their impressive dance skills in toe-tapping in the video.
The girls and boys, who are no older than 15 years old, are seen performing dance moves from splits to body isolations and headstands as they bop along to the track ‘Jambole’ by Eddy Kenzo. An excited toddler also joins his elders to showcase his dance moves. The little girl in pink, who was shy in the beginning is also encouraged to join in.


The music video has been watched more than 200,000 times since it was uploaded to Youtube on June 17.

The ‘Jambole’ video is not the first to go viral, the ‘Sitya loss’ video also received a lot of popularity due the choreography of the kids. It’s one of the most popular Ugandan videos with over 3.4 million views on Youtube.

Kenzo launched a petition earlier this year to try and get his dancers featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Talk show in a bid to give them global recognition.

‘Watching these kids dance clearly shows Ugandans as being very happy talented people,’ Kenzo wrote.
‘Ellen, we ask you to host these talented kids on your show so that Americans can get a chance
to see how we the Africans groove.’

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