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Flavia Tumusiime’s Amazing Thank You Message To Roger Mugisha

One of the deepest cravings of human nature is the need to be appreciated and that’s exactly what Flavia Tumusiime showed Roger Mugisha today.

The Capital FM presenter found it within herself to show gratitude to a person who effortlessly helped her grow her career as a Radio presenter. Flavia remembered a time when she was just a kid who was trying to find her footing when she first entered Roger Mugisha’s studio to a read demo,

‘I took a chance and went to the studio, 3 hours of waiting and he finally saw me, he looked at this kid and wasn’t sure, but he let me go into the studio booth and read a script and boom! his face lit up and he said ” wow, you don’t look like your voice” i ended up doing more than one script and he paid me for each script full price even though i was a new voice,’ she said.

Flavia Tumusiime with Roger Mugisha

Flavia Tumusiime with Roger Mugisha

She further went to say,

‘I had a chat with him and told him about my radio dreams, he simply told me to be patient and with time it will happen. He continued to recommend my voice to other producers and i got some good work. For about a year, I was living off voice overs and he always spared time to teach me on how to better myself and my voice and the day i joined Capital FM, i came to him and was so excited to share the news.’

Flavia Tumusiime continued: ‘I never imagined i would ever get to work with people i looked up to like him, but my destiny was being revealed through him. I appreciate that to this day, he has never once asked for my gratitude. We now work together as peers in the industry but he continues to respect me and is so humble you would not even know what he did for my career. Today is a day of gratitude for me.’

The young anchor has seen her career further skyrocket this year following a new deal she signed with NTV.

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