Former Uganda Cranes Captain Geofrey Massa Survives Death

All is not well for former Uganda cranes captain and striker Geoffrey Massa as he’s nursing wounds in a clinic after he was shot at by police for suspecting him to be involved in criminal activities last night.

According to Emilian Kayima, the Public Relations Officer Kampala Metropolitan, police on a patrol suspected a parked vehicle along the high way on the Namboole Fly Over and on attempts to talk to the driver who was in the car with a lady, he decided to speed off and that is when police fired at the tyres of the vehicle and in the process, injuring the lady.

On realizing that the lady was injured, the driver who was later recognized to be Geoffrey Massa suddenly stopped, almost hitting another motorist and in the process hit his forehead on the windscreen. Both Massa and his lady friend identified as Josephine Maliza were rushed to a nearby clinic called Gwatiro were they are receiving medical attention.

“Last night July 13th, 2017, there was an incident in which police on patrol suspecting a parked vehicle along the high way on the Nambole Fly Over, stopped and wanted to talk to the occupants. It’s reported that the driver, Geofrey Massa sped off in a rush sending more suspicion. In an attempt to stop them, officers attempted to shoot the tyres of the vehicle and subsequently injured the lady in the vehicle.” part of the police press release read.

Geofrey Massa survived death following the bullets that fired at him while in the car but he is not in an alarming situation

But according to reports from the medical facility, both are not in critical even if the lady is being treated from a bullet wound.

It is said that police has opened a General Enquiry File (GEF) to establish the truth behind the incident.


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