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Fr. Simon Lokodo Would Be Caned If He was From The West Nile Region – Salvado

When Ethics Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo said that the government would spend 2.6 billion shillings to procure a pornography detecting machine many people left in shock wondering whether there aren’t any more urgent things they can use the more for.

Comedian Patrick Salvado showed his frustration by saying that if Fr. Lokodo was from the West Nile region, he would have earned himself some serious canes.

I’m sorry to say, with all the different sectors that need money to help citizens have a better living like Heath and Education, the man Opts to suggest to government to buy a 2bn shilling Porn detecting machine, the comedian said before adding, ‘Like how on earth is this mans reasoning…. I just thank God he is not from Westnile.’

Salvado shared the NBS screenshot while sharing his frustrations

Salvado shared the NBS screenshot while sharing his frustrations

The man from Ombokolo wasn’t done just yet and went on to say, ‘Westnilers have a right to Cane anyone who tarnished the regions name with such stupidity.. Right now we would have summoned him to the region and given him a proper embarrassing public caning session for a week.’

The announcement by the Ethics minister has surely left so many angry and disappointed.

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