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Gadaffi Chuni, A Fashion Icon Revealed

Fashion is becoming a booming industry in Uganda and several fashion designers and stylists are rising currently in Uganda.  Chano8 caught up with Gadaffi of Chuni Collections for an interview.

Chano8: Who is Gadaffi?
Am Gadaffi Quraish known as Gadaffi Chuni and the proprietor of Chuni collections. I am a down to earth fashion stylist who is passionate and ready to see Ugandan fashion going places.

Chano8: Why the name Chuni?
Its my self made slang to mean something you love. This is how I came up with the name for my fashion  collection. So basically I love my collection and fashion too.


Chano8: What do you do in fashion?
Am a fashion stylist and not a fashion designer who works with a couple of people mostly celebrities and socialites.

Chano8: Who have you styled so far?
I have worked with a couple of artistes on music videos, TV interviews and commercials. TV personalities and radio presenters have also partnered with me lately. These include the likes of Radio &  Weasel, Don Mc, Vampino, Toniks, Pallaso, Rabadaba, Maro and many more.

Chano8: How did u get inspired?
I gained inspiration from Santa Anzo. I was a fashion lover since I was young and it wasn’t until i met Santa Anzo that my love for taking up fashion grew tremendously.

Chano8: What have you achieved so far?
I have been nominated in several awards like ASFA15, Buzz Teeniez Awards, Kadanke and with my latest international nomination being in the Frankfurt Style Awards which are to take place this month.


Gadaffi at the ASFA15 Red carpet

Chano8: How long have you been in active fashion?
This is my third year in this industry and am definitely loving it.

Chano8: Where are you based?
I am based at Sunset Arcade on Wilson Street.  My shop is on the ground floor, shop 19.

Chano8: What have you done differently from other designers?
I have turned my focus mainly on styling artistes for music videos and events. This has put me in a better position than I would have been right now.

Chano8:  Where do you see fashion in Uganda right now and how do you rate it?
Fashion has come a long way and its actually becoming a big topic in the eyes of many ranging from socialites to the ordinary Ugandan.


Gadaffi with Weasel at the Don’t Cry Video shoot

Chano8: What challenges have you faced in the fashion industry?
Introduction of trends hasn’t been easy on us since people tend to despise new trends not until it flashes on TV for example the tattered fashion trend that was highly rejected in the beginning but is now being followed by many.

Chano8: Any upcoming projects you are working on?
I have a fashion show coming up in march called Chuni Fashion Explosion. I am introducing Street Fashion later this year.

Chano8: Who do you look up to in fashion?
I look up to Santa Anzo and I think she is the best living fashion icon.

Chano8: Any last remarks to your fans?
Shout outs to all out there who love and support Chuni Collections and I love you all.

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