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Gadget Review: The Swanky Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is still on top of the list when it comes to smart phones from 2011 when the first Note was released they have been good Phones. Last year the Samsung note 3 was released and it was amazing right  about now in Kampala, a brand new note 3 goes for about 1.600.000ushs and it is still selling like xmass trees on Christmas morning.

Some have called the note 4 the best smart ever made and so on but after 4 iterations this series has grown and matured which is why they dominated the genre. It comes in various colors Frosted white, Charcoal black, Bronze Gold and Blossom Pink .The note 4 is slightly larger than it’s predecessor. It has a quad core processor and the operating system is 4.4(Kit Kat)


It’s 2.3mm taller, 0.6mm narrower and 0.2mm thicker than the Note 3 and, at 176 grams, it’s also 8g heavier. Slightly noticeable when the two devices are compared side by side, perhaps, but otherwise a wash when it comes to the in-hand experience. It comes with 3.7-megapixel (front)selfie cam placed in the top right and the main camera is 16 Megapixels . You’ll also get a home button doubling as a fingerprint sensor, which is very easy to press because it’s slightly raised above the glass; this is flanked by two capacitive keys (recent apps and back). Internal memory capacity of 32gb and external storage with a maximum of 120gb. The note has a dropbox function with 50gb memory storage.

If you’re wondering why you should get the note 4 and not note 3, here is why. It’s supposed to charge faster, last longer, have more pixels, more premium materials, better wireless performance, a fingerprint scanner, and improved cameras. It also has a better speaker, a narrower chassis, and some aesthetic software updates that give it a more modern look

If you are the person that has got to have the latest phone well go get one you will not regret it in the meantime wait for the IPhone6.

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