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GNL Zamba Talks About His Upcoming Album Dreaming In Color

Luga flow maestro GNL Zamba is releasing his “Dreaming in color” album this month and he explains to us more about this album.

Why did you name the album “Dreaming in color”?

I named it that way because the music is canvas for my aspirations on this album. I’m painting a picture of a possible reality I haven’t attained and we as a people. It’s a very passionate album; a vivid dream is a vision of possibilities denoted by happiness, wealth and good health. I compare it to #Nirvana. The final stage of enlightenment in spirituality where you are so self aware and at peace with your surroundings. “The knowledge of a senile Buddhist, the ambition of a lion and the imagination of an African child looking at the stars in the night sky”

GNL Zamba shows off his patriotism.

GNL Zamba shows off his patriotism.

How many tracks are on this album and tell me some of them?

There are 12 tracks on the album and four poems. It’s so unconventional and you get to see all the sides and faces of GNL. The poet, story teller, leader, romantic, cocky rap star and the philosopher.

The songs include:-“Amari” featuring Templar Omona singing in Acholi, “Ghetto mentality” about a rebel to the existing paradigm that refuses to lose, “Nirvana” is a song about at Utopia society in Africa, “Ontegera otya” which is a club banger, “show me the money” is inspired by the movie Jerry Maguire, “Searching” is the jewel of the album featuring an international superstar which is a surprise to my fans, “Kawempe taxi” is bound to be a classic that simply humorous.

Why March for the release of this album?

I wanted to wait until May but my partners and managers say it’s so ready and my fans can’t wait. I often leave the dates to the marketing team after I’m done creating band mastering so we can book tours and work on endorsement in time. I recorded 32 songs for this album since last year but only 12 are making the cut.

What topics are you looking at in some of these songs?

I always want to inspire, entertain and evoke thoughts. My albums often have no specific demographic, but they will take you through all emotions. There are crowd sing along, sad and inspirational songs, stories to enjoy in a kafunda with the boys, world festival music and that indigenous pride of Kampala metropolitan male is not hard to find when I pen a great record. You will find defiance, love and compassion but one word to define the album;- Eclectic.

How many albums do you have so far?

This is my fourth album after “Koyi koyi (Riddles of life)”, speaking vernacular, The Renaissance (Ugandayaffe) and this one.

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