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Hellen Lukoma Crucified For Her Ambassadorial Role

A few days ago, Hellen Lukoma was appointed as one of the ambassadors of Luc Belaire, a new drink that was introduced on the East African market courtesy of Talent Africa’s Aly Alibhai.

She joined other ambassadors like Judith Heard and Anita Fabiola who were appointed before the year started but barely a week into her new role, Lukoma is facing the wrath from the public.


Hellen Lukoma bashed over her Luc Belaire Ambassadorial role

One famous blogger and social media junkie known as Rita Kaggwa earlier today posted on her wall that Hellen is trying so hard to get noticed for her new role. And her legion of followers didnt spare Lukoma either either as the discussion continued on the post.

“Singer Hellen Lukoma has done anything to stay relevant. first you rejected her music, then she released her semi nudes but you guys seemed unbothered, last week she ripped off her clothes while performing but still you didn’t give her any attention, now she woke up early morning today semi naked with a bottle but still you pretend as if you didn’t see her, do you want her to walk naked in the old taxi park for you to give her hype.” She asked.

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