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Herbert Shonga Has Been Lying About His Age, Says Wife

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Socialite and Space lounge owner Dorothy Shonga will not stop soon from exposing his own husband Hebert Shonga. The latest development we have landed on is that Hebert has been lying about his age. According to his wife Dorothy Shonga, she says the man is 45 years not 30 as he has always claimed.

“ Hebert lies about his age. His true age is 45 years. I have all his birth certificates and I can prove my statements. I am far away from Uganda but as soon as I set in the country I will provide evidence of all this” Dorothy revealed during an interview with Chano8

Dorothy and Hebert’s one-year marriage started developing cracks middle way this year.

According to a reliable source, the major cause of the endless fights in the city socialite’s marriage is infidelity on Hebert’s side. He has been accused of cheating on his wife several times. However, he keeps denying the allegations.

The latest outburst between the two happened on social media. Loaded Dorothy came out all guns blazing and attacked her husband. She accused her of sexually getting involved with their bar PR known as Sheila Mulungi.

More issues in the Shongas crumbling marriage as wife reveals real Herbert Shonga’s age

After her efforts to fire Sheila from the bar failed, Dorothy suspected that her husband has a secret agenda with Sheila says Dorothy. She further says that Sheila doesn’t perform up to the standards the bar wants but Hebert alone has kept on defending her.

This has angered Dorothy and drove her to have suspicions about her husband and Herbert. She, however, threatens to close up the bar if things get out of her hand.

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