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Hosts Mc Anita Fabiola And Mc Kats Bore Revellers To Death At Tekno And Mr. Eazi Show

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

Last Friday, the much hyped West Africa to Kampala concert featuring Tekno and Mr. Eazi went down on Friday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval which received mixed reactions and reviews from the public. Although the event was massively attended, there were certain things that did not go well with the crowd during the event organised by Bell Lager, Talent Africa and Silk Events.

Many people have rated the performances of the West African stars as ‘average’ but one thing that left most people enraged was the dour performance of the hosts Anita Fabiola and Mc Kats who did more of irritating that animating the event.

The pair started by cracking jokes about their looks which didn’t work out.

For starters, the show was already having setbacks inform of technical glitches and needed some energy and life pumped into the crowd to keep the fans together when the machines let down the DJs but it was never to be as the hosts ended up boring the revellers instead that invited a flurry of insults and boos.

Whatever happened to the usually hyper Mc Kats, only the gods can tell for he was subdued throughout the night as he stayed shelled up and looked generally de-motivated. Some blamed it on his co-host whose style of presentation was nothing short of inspiring while others claimed, Kats was taken up by her beauty and visibly intimidating dress code that left nothing to imagination.

Most revellers got bored and resorted to chatting on their phones and taking selfies like below.

Fabiola’s sexy and tender looks could not save her from the boos every time she came on stage to ask whether the revellers were ‘having a good time’. Her bed room talk style made things worse as she constantly whispered and mumbled into the microphone which killed off the vibe completely as some sections shouted ‘ Our money’.

“Fabiola just killed all the vibe and sucked all the life out of the event with her dull style of presentation as if she was presenting a late night Ssenga program on radio” Said an angry reveller who only identified himself as Roger.

Oh my God is this really happening? She seems to be asking herself in slumber land

Kats who is the more experienced of the two did not help matters firstly, because of his lousy dress code on the day and then trying out the ‘ I am short and broke’ jokes that did not work out since everyone seems to know that fact already.

As time went on, Kats himself could not swallow the excruciating boredom and thought it was perhaps enough damage on his CV as he started avoiding the stage and letting Fabiola do it solo. He retreated to the back stage in the comfort of the company of his baby mama Fille who was more than glad to have him besides her than ‘that girl’ he spent the whole evening complimenting instead of doing his MC job. Well, they were better off discussing babies and school fees issues than causing more pain to an already stressed nation.  

Mc Kats and Fille back stage after he also got bored with the whole thing

Most guests were not following what the two had to say on stage as they kept doing other things instead.



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