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“I Didn’t Release ‘Baala’ For Only Drunkards”- Daxx Kartel Speaks Out

Daxx Kartel commonly known as ‘Omuryeerubah’ has a song dubbed ‘Baala’ which has taken the airwaves by storm and for sure is doing great for him.

From last year August when it was produced and released, ‘Baala’ has proven to be a hit. His fans especially those who drink have embraced it and even in the New Year it is one of the songs taking a lead in plays.

Chano8 got in touch with Daxx Kartel the mastermind behind the song for a question and answer interview where we asked him a few questions concerning the song and he had this to say.


Daxx Kartel performs at the recent Manya album launch by David Lutalo

Chano8: Your ‘Baala’ song is doing well, what inspired you to sing this kind of song?

For me am inspired by nature, I sing about what I see and what happens to people. So Baala is a daily, daily, daily situation that people live because everyone goes to a bar or stays next to a bar so I get topics in what happens to people.

Chano8: Haven’t those artistes, MCs and djs you mentioned in the song attacked you for exposing their drinking alcohol in public?

Those artistes and MCs you heard me sing about, it is not that I am exposing their drinking. They are my friends because when you hear of Kiweewa, Willy Mukabya and everyone, it is out of art that you can make your message go through to people.

Chano8: Do you think ‘Baala’ has a positive impact on the kids’ lives since some could be your fans?

Baala is so positive and its message goes to everyone. It is said that 92% of Ugandans drink alcohol and 72% out that 92%, drink randomly. When I said ‘Tofa nomuliumu gwamulema’ it actually means Tofa was dismissed from job because of excessive drinking. So that indicates that alcohol is bad when you take it in wrong place and time. That is why someone plays the song even the kids are there for them to know.

Chano8: Since you sang about bars and alcohol, do you think the song will be embraced by your Muslim fans?

When they say don’t drink and drive, they don’t mean that those who don’t drink should not read the sign post. It is the only way to sensitise people that too consumption of alcohol is harmful. I didn’t release Baala song for drunkards. Even if you drink or don’t drink, this a song you should listen to because there is a message behind it. If don’t drink, that means that when you listen to the song will enjoy the groove in it. If you drink, you will pick the message in it. At times, it can act as a catalyst to speed up the drinking process. Smiles

Chano8: Is it true you were paid money to perform at a concert but instead you got so drank and forgot to perform like you sang saying?

Yes, those situations happen, you can be drunk on women, football, alcohol and anything that destructs you from something you wanted to do because everyone has their addiction. Yes it happened I forgot the concert.

Chano8: what are your last remarks to your fans who love this song Baala?

Thanks for loving Daxx Kartel’s music and Ugandan music and supporting it because the only way we shall go forward is supporting our native products. Even if we are poor, we are supposed to blame God for not for not giving us what we deserve. My fans, expect uniqueness and may God bless you.

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