Irene Ntale’s Manager Joins The Music Industry

It sure looks like Irene Ntale’s manager has been envious every time the artiste steps on stage, gets fans screaming her name and possibly the money she’s paid by her management team because what possible reason could Veronica Luggya have to also join the music industry?

Well, it appears that way because reliable sources from the Muyenga based label is that Vero even before we could get the name of her first release got a stage name.

She has decided to name herself ‘Vinka’ but surprisingly, she never recorded her song from Swangz Avenue but at a certain studio in Makindye and instead of Swangz management to fire or punish her in any way since she did it without their consent, the management just decided to embrace the talent by signing her.


Irene Ntale’s Manager  manger Vero

It is said that the label is looking for another manager to replace Vero and also get someone to manage her as well.

Veronica started out as Irene Ntale’s Personal Assistant but was later turned into her manager because of the overwhelming work. She has been in that position for close to two years now.

Vinka now joins Irene Ntale, Winnie Nwagi and Zulanda among others as Swangz Avenue signed artistes.

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