Joanita Kawalya’s Daughter Matilda Wants To Emulate Mom

Fast-rising singer Matilda aka Matty Witty is a gorgeous young girl and promising singer, who is Afrigo band lead singer Joanita Kawalya’s daughter.  Coming from a musical background, Matilda decided to try out singing two years back and surprisingly, her efforts are paying off. Her song ‘Ombeera Kumpi’ has started to take her places. She shared her story with Chano8.

Can we please tell us who you are?

I am Matilda Whitney, commonly known as Matty Witty, born on 16th, April 1996. I am the last born from a family of two children born to my musical mother Joanita Kawalya Muganga and Christopher Kagolo Muganga.

Where do you live?

I live in Kampala, Uganda and it is where I have grown up all my life.

Being born to Afrigo band legend Joanita Kawalya, you must have grown up a celebrity yourself. Tell us about your background.

I grew up and was raised from both Uganda and America, among other countries.

What genre of music do you do?

I do Afro beat, R&B and contemporary music, as well as other genres.

When exactly did you start singing?

I started singing when I was three years old. That was during my elementary school. Music is my passion and it is something I have done all my life.

What are some of the songs you have recorded?

They are many but some of them include; ‘Ombeere Kumpi’, ‘Tebamanyi’ and others.

Matty Witty wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother Joanita Kawalya

Do you have any collabos?

Yes, I do have collabos with various musicians. For instance Frank Rock, Mulluh from DR.Congo to mention but a few.

What are some of the challenges you meet as a musician?

Trying to please every one’s aspirations of what they expect me to be has been a challenge on my side.

How do you juggle your studies, music career and family duties?

No, unfortunately, I have no family of my own but in the future, I will have one.

 Are you dating, searching, engaged or just hooked up?

None of those. I’m single and I prefer to be it that way for some time.

Why do you prefer to be single?

I am still studying and besides, Mr. Right is yet to come my way.

Can you paint for us a picture of what or who you hope to be in five years from now?

I can’t talk about what I will be in the next five years because I am not God. However  I can talk about my one-year resolutions; from now  onwards I am releasing more music that  I am certain will impact my fans’ lives.

Is there a way someone who wants to get in touch with you can contact you?

Currently I can only be contacted through my manager’s number 0751256236. They can find me at Grayce Records or my official Facebook page Matty Witty, as well as on twitter and Instagram.

Do you have some advice for upcoming artistes?

Success is all about hard work, discipline, transparency and Prayer. These are the key aspects in excelling in this industry and for the young musicians who want to be like me, they should embrace these aspects so as to succeed in this field.


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