Joseph Sax And Vocalist Pages Prove Their Worth At Album Listeners’ Party

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Vocalist Pages and Saxophonist Joseph Sax have through the years done their thing at Janzi Band. Those who know them know they are good when it comes to live performances with Pages being one of the lead singers and Joseph a talented saxophonist in Janzi Band

Apart from being in the same Band, Joseph and Pages are good friends a thing that saw them organise and hold a combined albums’ listeners’ party that successfully went down at the Bugolobi based Liquid Silk amid lots of revellers who filled the venue to capacity on Tuesday the 19th of December.

Joseph Sax’s 11 track album is dubbed ‘Koona’ that boasts of upbeat dance songs, where as Pages’ is called ‘Love Portion’ which is a 10 track collection of love music.

Hosted by Urban TV’s Judithiana, it was a night to remember that saw the two unleash what they had in stock for their fans by performing songs off their albums live, as the overwhelming number of attendees cheered them on.

Before they took to the stage, there was a live Dj session where Dj Bank Robber warmed up the revellers as the main performers of the night prepared.

At 8:55 PM, the boys finally took to the stage starting off their long awaited performance in an order that saw each one perform one song at a time. They had a good stage bond a thing that proved that they had done enough rehearsals.

Joseph did a good Job of displaying his saxophone playing skills and Pages did his best when it came to vocals. A special round of applause to other instrumentalists who backed them up namely Myko Ouma and producer Allan who were on the guitars, Emma Dragu who was on the trumpet and Sam Bisaso on the key board

Apart the good back up from the above mentioned instrumentalists, singers Jemimah Sanyu, Bruno K and Hudson Hunx who have collabo songs off the Pages and Joseph Sax’s albums with both spiced up their performance as well.

The event was a thrilling one going by the reception the crowd gave the performers despite the fact that they had estimated a low turn up but were later shocked by how the venue was filled to capacity with some revellers failing to get seats.

Joseph Sax and vocalist Pages had an awesome showcase

There was a good stage bond between Joseph Sax and Pages

That time when Myko Ouma joined Joseph Sax

Pages feeling the rhythm Myko Ouma was playing with the guitar

Urban TV’s Judithiana was the best

Joseph Sax came to the crowd to interact with his fans

Pages prived he is indeed a good vocalist

That time when Bruno K joined Joseph Sax with whom they performed their collabo ‘Reggae Music’

Joseph Sax showinh his ability in playing two saxophones at ago

Joseph Sax showing what he got

Pages sang and got the ladies crazy

The host of the listeners’ party Judithiana marketing Pages and Joseph Album DVDS

Pages and Joseph Sax

Dj Bank Robber warming up the crowd with live Dj mixes before showtime

Saxophonist Isiah Katumwa and guitarist Charmant Mushaga in attendance

Jemimah Sanyu joins Joseph Sax to perform their collabo song

Saxophonist Isaiah Katumwa clapping for performers

Liquid Silk Bugolobi was packed to capacity

Singer Renah Nalumansi (centre) cheering the performers

Left-to wright Emma Dragu on the trumpet, producer Allan and Myko Ouma on the guitars


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