Juliana Makes Kenneth Mugabi’s Birthday Wish Come True

As some people are there crushing on singer Kenneth Mugabi, he too has someone he crushes on and that is none other than Juliana Kanyomozi.

We also didn’t know that all along she was his crush not until yesterday when we came across a post where he pleaded to the public to let Juliana wish him a happy birthday and being a down to earth person, the ‘Right here’ musician okayed the request and did exactly that.

The message that Kenneth Mugabi sent read as. “Please help me ask JKanyomozi to wish me a happy birthday and tell her I have a song for us please. I’ll owe you.”

And in response, Juliana wrote “On your birthday you get to ask for whatever you want right? Hahaha. Well it’s your day Kenneth and I hope I’m not too late. So happy birthday to you.  May this day bring you all the things that make you happy?”

She also gave him hope about the collaboration he was talking about by telling him to contact her for a chart.



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