Juliana Should Have Given It A Second Thought Says PR Guru Bryan Morel Muhumuza

Bryan More Muhumuza is a renowned Music Enthusiast, Arts Manager, PR Specialist; Events ware man and celebrity personal assistant. He has voluntarily and hands-on worked for eminent figures like Judith Heard, Iryn Namubiru, Nicki Nola, Cindy, Bingwa Awards Kenya, Jackie Chandiru, Blu*3, Diva Awards Rwanda, Dufla Diligon, Qute Kaye, Navio, Angella Katatumba among others. He exclusively talked to about some itchy topics currently dominating the entertainment industry and gave his opinion on the them. Here is what he had to say.

What is your take on Juliana Kanyomozi’s recently released video and the hullabaloo that followed the concept. With some fans complaining it was a ‘copy and paste’ from some other music video. 

It is freaking true; Juliana’s latest video release ‘I’m Still Here’ has been debuted to overwhelming negative reviews for its express likeness of Ain’t Yo Mama (JLO), ‘Still In Love’ (Ashanti), ‘Sembera’ (Irene Ntale) and ‘Pretty Hurts’ (Beyoncé).    

She took to an interview with Sanyu FM and said that she had never watched either of the videos. Juliana should have rather kept quiet or INSTEAD used different directors responsible for the video scenes in the first place. The authorship of this video is still attributed to her name. I like the song though because of its reggae genus, real-­‐life story, clarion, resonance and the usual Juliana thorough strife. She is a legend.  

Business, wise the whole  gospel seemed to have had a PR methodology steaming right from the singer’s management.  The song finally got all the traffic YouTube views, cross continent tweets and local countdown tags.      

Controversial: The video that got the country talking

Cindy was recently stopped at Kabala’s birthday celebrations  midway her performance.  Were the organizers right to do that  or  was  it  a blunder on their  side to invite her in the first place?

I  actually  knew  about  her  being  headlined  to  perform  at  the  King’s centenary. It was really amateurish to cut her ‘glorious’ presentation short. I’m certain the booking agents of the Kwagalana  Group  knew  Cindy  Sanyu, her stage sultry and sensation when they were hiring her. Being sassy is  now part of her and it has made her a star across Africa. That’s her disco graph and signature.  

Why  didn’t  Nabagereka’s  Aides  prescribe  a  dress  code  during  the booking  contract  with  the  singer  in  the  first  place? Even Lady Gaga is known to dance before the US head of state or Queen   Elizabeth with a full buttocks display. (Laughs). 

However,  she  still  seems  to  be  the  most  improved  artiste  of  late  after  reinventing  herself  and  showing it with a great performance  at  the 16th edition of Blankets and Wine.  What do you think was the magic behind?   

Cindy  has  sincerely  acknowledged  and  mastered  Self  Esteem  as  a  trait   for  a  public  figure  that  she  is.  Rehearsal has also mounted to her constancy throughout the musical career.  I  cannot  believe  she  went  ahead  and  hired  more  two  dancers  on  top of the already  incredible  Sara  Tawa  and  Ritah  Tasha!  And  trust  me  this  has  substantiated a choreography  mark  in her post   Blu*3  arts  excellence.    

Bryan gave his view to Chano8 in this exclusive interview


Ghetto President Bobi Wine has finally joined politics.  What do you think he will bring on the table? What  difference  do  you  think  he  can  bring  if  he   makes  it  to  parliament?.

 On  a  comprehensive  outlook,  I  wouldn’t  personally  opt  for  a  politic   pursuit.  It  pays  in  a  long  run  and  at  a  wholesale  expense.   However,  I  can’t  refute  the  fact  that  the  gentleman  already  knows  his   community  grievances  as  heard  in  his  songs,  Tugambire  Ku  Jennifer,   Kadingo  and  Bad  Man  From  Kamwokya  Ft  Navio.  On  the other  hand, I imagine a sphere  of  discomfort immediately surrounding  him once he starts polls, campaigns,  elections  and  balloting   hoop-­‐la.  

I  also  see  Bobi  injecting  squillion of  money  on  such  a  probability.   Seriously,  Legislature  being  a  government  thing  will  humble  him  into  an  official   being  as  opposed  to  fighting  in  bars,  waging  cyber  feuds  over  fellow  outraging  illicit  drugs  etc.  

I  wish him the  best  and  let  this  add to his  already sizeable army of fans.  

Nigerian music still keeps dominating airwaves across the continent and even here at home.   What do you think they are doing right?  

 Two things;  Their  custom  Genre  identity  and  Integrated  PR  System  with   the  neighbouring  communities  of  Ghana,  Cameroon,  Angola,  Djibouti  and Mali. Uganda.  We are steadily getting there.  Have you listened to ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’?  In  this  folk  pop  composition,  the  Kenya  maestro  group,  Sauti  Sol   zealously  tries  our  own  reinvented  style of music. They feature our own Bebe Cool.    

In your opinion what  do  you  think  should  be  generally  done  to  improve  the  music industry  in  Uganda?  

 Investment in publishing well researched and packaged music production.   The  digital  age  of  the  music  trade  is  in  full  effect  now.  The  remnants  are rapidly being  replaced  by  a  new  structure  that  empowers  the  artists  not   Record  Labels.  So  let  the  artistes  personally  mind  the  quality  of  what   they  put  out.    

 I  also  argue  fellow  music  practitioners  here  to  invest  same  energy  and   time  in  procuring  airplay  and  performance  showcases  from  all  around   the  world.  We need to show the world what we can  do.  

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