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Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift And Adele

Kanye West has been making all sorts of news recently from his beef with Wiz Khalifa to his fashion show but now the rapper has turned his guns to Taylor Swift and Adele, yes he came with his gloves off and people are just in shock that he would talk about music icons like that.

According to the New York daily news, Kanye West led the entire Kardashian-Jenner family to Negril restaurant in the West Village and just lost it.

“Kanye gets up, had them stop the music and said, ‘Listen. I know I come down hard on you. It’s because I see something in each and every one of you,’” West said to his extended family. “’I want to thank you for being my soldiers.’”

Kanye West at his concluded fashion show at Madison Square Garden

Kanye West at his concluded fashion show at Madison Square Garden

The modesty was short-lived.

“I’m the most influential artist of our time,” he continued. “I knocked the entire fashion industry on their f—king a–es tonight. When I started everyone laughed at me.

He then took a shot at Taylor Swift and after he already insulted her during his MSG set saying he could still have sex with her.

“There’s nobody in the world who owes me more than Taylor Swift,” one witness heard him say. “She was nobody.”

And when he was done with Taylor he took on the UK darling Adele,

“Everybody makes a big deal out of Adele, but she’s no Aretha Franklin,” an insider said.

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