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Keko’s Favorite Gadgets… You Won’t Believe What Made Her List

Ever wondered what your favorite artistes gadgets are, well wonder no more today we bring you Keko’s favorite gadgets.

In an interview, with the female emcee, this is what she had to say about her gadgets and those on her wish list.

Samsung, HTC or Apple?

I am for HTC


Vintage Cars
The Yellow Coupe in The Great Gatsby movie, why? Because it was a custom job driven by a great man.


Dream Car
That would be the Alpha Romeo Bat 7

The alpha is something else indeed.

The alpha is something else indeed.

Top 5 Cars
Range Rover Vogue, Lamborghini, Bentley Coupe, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy SS Impala.

Can’t Live House Without
Scarlett Headphones

Keko can't be without her music

Keko can’t be without her music

Brand or performance?
For shoes performance is preferable. Yes, I own a pair 2013 Adidas and Nikes that I adore.

Keko's favourite shoes

Keko likes the comfort the shoes offer

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