Kenyan Musician Jaguar follows In Bobi Wine’s Footsteps

Kenyan musician Jaguar was also announced winner of the Starehe constituency Member of Parliament earlier today in the just concluded Kenyan political race.

The ‘Kigeugeu’ musician took a landslide victory in the elections, beating his rivals Boniface Mwangi of Ukweli party and Steve Ndigwa of ODM.

However, Jaguar’s win didn’t come as easy as it was expected because he was initially beaten in the primaries by a one Kamanda and even staged protests in Nairobi with his fans.

It was reported that the musician rejected repeat polls and even refused to negotiate with Maina Kamanda who was ready for dialogue.

“We don’t want negotiations …I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections,” he said. “I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation.” Jaguar added.

Jaguar is officially the member of parliament for Stareh constituency in Kenya

After putting a lot into consideration, the party secretary general Raphael Tuju called for a fresh tally and told the musician’s supporters, who had camped at the headquarters, that the certificate would only be issued to the winner and after, the party invalidated the nomination of Maina Kamanda as the Starehe Constituency winner and announced Jaguar as the winner.

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