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Kenyan Sevens International Collins Injera’s 60,000 Pounds Mistake

Sometimes we get lost in the excitement, especially if we are marking landmarks. But, Kenyan Sevens international Collins Injera who was celebrating his 200th try for his country against Japan, let the excitement get to him and he signed on a very expensive camera Lens using a permanent marker.

Collins Injera signs camera lens

Collins Injera signs the camera lens

The camera lens is believed to cost 60,000 pounds, which is an equivalent of 282,415,516ugx. It’s unknown whether he will be asked to pay for it or not.

Camera man wasn't amused by this

Camera man wasn’t amused by this

According to the Daily mail ‘The try took Injera, who is third in the all-time list of scorers in the sport, to within 30 of leader Santiago Gomez Cora of Argentina.

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