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Latinum Makes U-Turn After Leaving GMG, Apologises To Management

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It is very hard to make it through the music industry if you don’t invest heavily in your music. On this point, a special round of applause goes to all the Ugandan artistes’ managers who tirelessly invest their money in the artistes. This means that the artistes who cannot support themselves financially should respect the managers because without them they, are nowhere.

Last year, one Mr Owor Paul the CEO Gifted Music Group record label (GMG) signed young Dancehall artiste Latinum from the Mbarara based TON Music where he broke through. It is to our a surprise that barely a year after joining the label, Latinum who has released songs like ‘Baabo’, ‘Man Away’, ‘Balage‘, ‘Gal Yo’ among others under GMG all over sudden quit a few days ago over unclear reasons.

The ‘Amanya Gange’ hit singer after leaving, took to his different social media platforms to speak ill of the record label, he told lies about GMG which later haunted him to an extent that he had to come back home and apologise to the CEO who luckily listened to him and signed him back.

“It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you don’t repeat it. I know I am only human so I have made some unmendable mistakes in life but am now here to correct it. I would like to take this moment to apologize to the management of Gifted Music Group and the CEO Mr. Paul Owor for all the negative comments I made on all media platforms when I left GMG, all the lies I told about the label and all the pain I caused to the management, friends and fans of the label.” Read Latinum’s post on Facebook

Latinum after apologising to his boss and CEO GMG

After apologising to the CEO GMG, Lati as he sometimes calls himself also apologised to his fans over the abrupt decision he made to leave in bad terms.

“I also would like to apologize to all the fans out there who feel betrayed when I left Gifted Music Group, please forgive me, I need your support because without you fans there would be no Latinum.” Latinum apologised to fans

Just like the prodigal son in the Bible, Latinum officially back in GMG which has artistes like Allan Toniks, Sheenah Skies among others.

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