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Liquid Silk PRO Linda Lisa Quits

When Liquid Silk was opened at Village Mall in Bugolobi, Linda Lisa was one of the first people transferred to the new hangout and this was because of her expertise in the area of marketing.

Ever since Linda Lisa left Sway club in 2008, she was immediately hired by Club Silk management and that’s when magic started happening at the then Industrial Area-based hangout. She orchestrated new theme nights like ‘Doctors and Nurses’, ‘Campus Night’ and ‘Sports Night’ among others.

From being a marketer, Linda was promoted to the position of Marketing Manager because of the tremendous work she did. She assumed this position for more than two years but when she was shifted to village mall, her position might have been weakened because she was no longer in charge.


Linda Lisa

This might have been one of the reasons why she was no longer active on WhatsApp groups like she was before, she stopped pushing the hangout  on most social media platforms and in December, Linda asked for leave at work with reasons that, she was among the organizers of the Purple Party and needed that much concentration.  

She went without her bosses acknowledging it and never returned to work after. But the main problem is that, she has never given an explanation for her absence.

This led to the management of Liquid silk to give up on her with unconfirmed reports claiming she was actually fired. We haven’t yet established her next move but observers think Linda Lisa is soon starting up an events company. W are keeping our ears on the ground and will update you on any new developments.

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