Man Whose Story Inspired The Movie ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ To Donate To Northern Uganda

If you haven’t watched a movie called ‘Machine Gun preacher’, better go watch it. First because it’s a nice and inspirational movie but most importantly because it’s a about Uganda and acted by Gerald Butler, renowned international movie actor.

It made headlines in 2011 and was inspired by Sam Chidler, a US ex-marine who fought the LRA rebels to protect the children in northern Uganda and southern Sudan.

Because of this movie, Chidler also won the Mother Theresa International Social Justice Award in November 2013, which makes him the only American to own it.

And five years after the movie, Sam Chidler has decided to donate rice worth millions to the northern region, Adjumani and Southern Sudan, the same places he’s so familiar with.


Chidlers’ story inspired the movie

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Childers has spent more than two decades in Africa where he now lives full-time.  

“I am donating a full lorry of rice on Friday, 23rd December to Northern Uganda, Adjumani and Suthern Sudan. The amount of rice I am donating, if sold, would amount to shs7,000dollars. But that money could change people’s lives. It could give someone out there a bigger reason to live.” He will donate the rice together with 3 cows and whatever other donations he will gather along the way.

Childers has been booked to share his “story of hope” in places around the world over the last eight years including Christian venues, secular venues and even at factories, he said. Sometimes, like Sunday evening, he will stand in the pulpit and preach. “Some people say I’m a motivational speaker, some say I’m a preacher but I just carry a message of hope. I don’t ever preach at people. I just tell my story,” he said.9760255797f3edeb8cbe116befb285a3

A fighter for his cause, Childers at times has been called a mercenary. His Christian deeds, however, have been acknowledged internationally. Recognizing his humanitarian contributions, the Harmony Foundation in 2013 presented Childers with its most prestigious award, the Mother Theresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice. At a ceremony in Mumbai, India, Childers became the first American to receive the award.


The cover of the movie


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