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Maurice Kirya Set To Release Uganda’s Best Animation Music Video

Maurice Kirya, one of Uganda’s finest and most creative and versatile artistes is set to release a high budget animation video filmed by x-toons animations and directed by X. He has wanted to do this for so many years but the opportunity arrived when he fell in love with x toons work, he says in an exclusive interview with Chano8.

“I wanted to show Uganda as in my previous works that we can deliver on international standards and competitively. But nevertheless, it took us a long time that is close to 4 months because we didn’t want to leave out anything.” I believe this video will continue my mission of showing Ugandans that we as Ugandans can achieve anything at a global stage if we dare to dream, he added.

Maurice Kirya in the Ghost video

Maurice Kirya in the Ghost video

Chano8 conducted an in depth interview of the artiste and guess what the venue was…. The soon to be opened Sound cup at The Village mall in Bugolobi where we got a sneak peek of both the video and the new Sound Cup too. Below is the comprehensive interview:

Concept of the song

About a love that is too good to be true to the pointt that he believes he is either delusional or is indeed dating a woman from the dark world. The video was meant to capture the mind of a probably delusioned lover.

Inspiration behind the song

When I wrote the song I didn’t have the video in mind. I have always wanted to write a song that depicts a love situation that’s too good to be true. Kind of like literally being under a spell. I first imagine my songs before writing them and Ruyonga was the best rapper to pull off the kind of concept and feeling I had.

The actress in the one of the scenes

The actress in the one of the scenes

About your expectations of the video

I have been given more than I expected and what I saw as a finished piece of work was even better than my picture. And I expect Ugandans to be filed with excitement because they have never seen anything like this coming from a Ugandan artiste. I always like to set the bar.

Challenges in the making

The challenges with such a video is the amount of attention to detail it requires and the time it takes. This aint the kind of video you rush and every second can take up to a whole day to edit and get it right.

The amazing animated video by XToons Uganda

The amazing animated video by XToons Uganda

Finally to your fans

I am thankful to the XToon Team for the sleepless nights and hard work. And to my assistant Tinah. I dedicate it to all my fans that like the extreme measures of art I take. The video is to be released on both international and local stations.

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