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MC Kats’ Grammatical Suicide Angers Fans

In what seemed to be a genuine complaint about being used and not being paid, MC Kats took to his Facebook account to show ingratitude with the Rich Gang. The problem was that the grammar employed was poor. A few minutes later, the comments came flying in, many from fans who were criticizing murderous use of the Queen’s language in portraying the message. In the end, criticism led to abuse, and abuse to insult, and Kats was in the end the victim of the post.

He wrote quite a lengthy post, narrating an ordeal of how they, especially Ivan Ssemwanga used him to gain fame and did not treat him like they appreciated it. He tottered the story from where they met, until today. however, the imposing presence of typos, lack of the necessary punctuation put him at the slaying hands of the fans, who went out of their way to rub it in to Kats that his English was likened to a pre-scholar.


Man in the news; MC Kats

The comments ranged from comical, to vulgar and to nasty, but with a main point; poor English. Some went ahead to plead to Kats to hire a translator, or to write in Luganda. Some called him a beggar who was waiting on handouts from Rich Gang and urged him to work harder, while others told him to go home and take care of Fille.


Screen shot of MC Kats’ post on Facebook

However, Kats had some sympathizers like James Micho and Cedric Mukasa, who insisted it was not about the English but the pain the presenter was going through after being used.

Listening to Mc Kats on TV and reading the post may give a wide contradiction of the same man. Many though believe he was either drunk, or did not post it himself.

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