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Meet The Reinvented Patrick Nyanzi

Their music had a zouk medley that one couldn’t help but groove to and the lyricsoh the lyrics! Songs like Digi, Bigula and Nasima Gwe bring nostalgic memories to many.
Fast forward to 2014Patrick Nyanzi made a U-Turn and he owes it all to the Grace of God. He’s since gotten married, been blessed with a beautiful daughter and he will not sing a song unless all the glory goes to God. He has been busy in the studio. Chano8 was able to catch up with Patrick and here are excerpts from our interview.


‘I have mostly been trying to find myself. I have been seeking God for guidance on who Patrick Elvis Nyanzi is and what he wants me to do. I had to get a relationship with God.’

‘You can even say I was almost an atheist as I didn’t know God existed. I have also been doing some audio work with Good Enuff Studio and film work with Elite Media. I worked with Radio and Weasel on Bwogeza Nondekawo and Tonjagala and with Jamal on Saba Kyosaba. I also worked on More Money by Ngoni.’

‘I stopped working on other people’s projects in 2012 and began my journey to self discovery.’ Read more about this in our September Issue.

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