Miss Uganda Presentation Success!


Beauty queens from all the regions in Uganda assembled last night at Mackinon Suites for the Miss Uganda presentations. It was no wonder when the event was filled with more beauties in the audience and the few men that were dragged their by their spouses or job obligations were grateful that the stage was just next to the bar.

Alex Muhangi was the Emcee of the nigh and never ran out of jokes to keep the crowd entertained. No one was surprised when the even started 2 hour after the promised time. They are Beauty queens what do you expect!?.

The entertainment started of low as most people didn’t know who A-pass was until he sung the chorus to the song that brought him fame ‘Am loving’, but when Toniks took the stake he killed it starting off with his best songs, he got a lady in the audience to dance to his “ekitagururo” song though she danced the Rwandese dance …who cared, all the ladies were busy coveting the artist hoping he picks them next.


The beauty Queen Kyalimpa was eager too as soon as Toniks got near here she did not hesitate to shake her Nicky Minaj booty like she was shaking it for dollars! The contestants who were back stage wrestling to peep through the curtains.

The girls were beautiful and the event was so elegant and to the point if you ignore the long speech and bad singing from Dr Kihura Nkuba.

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