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Music Review: Cross Fire By Ruyonga

If you don’t know who Ruyonga is, well, I have news for you. He’s the rap emcee bringing a whole different vibe to hip hop by adding his unique touch to the music.

With his hit songs like Ride, Tutuse and Muhuliire, Ruyonga always puts a gospel spin to his music and it’s never just about rhyming with him, it’s all about the message he tries to put out there.


His latest song Cross Fire is something that leaves one dazzled, baffled or bewildered have it your way. His lyrical prowess is all at display in this song, starting off with ‘follow me as I follow Christ‘ he goes on to show his mad talent, ‘I am covered in the blood of the sinner’s cross, Yesu. Am cut from a different cloth, Lesu.’ (I think that’s my favorite line) If you are one who pays attention to detail, then you will definitely be impressed with this song.

Listen to Cross Fire below and you could follow the link to check out his other songs.


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