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“No Billion No Battle”-Sheebah’s Manager Jeff Kiwa Sets Conditions For Battle With Cindy

Everyone has come out and said their opinion on the said battle between Team No Sleep’s (TNS) Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu.

According to Cindy, she thinks that Sheebah needs to have a few lessons before she battles her because if they do it now, it would be unfair. As for the TNS singer, she has other things to think about more than just a battle.

In fact, she advised Cindy to visit her in Munyonyo and she explains a few things to do with buying land and construction.

 Allan Kiwa, who on Sheebah’s management team came out on Tuesday and said that Sheebah has more hits than Cindy. He added saying that Sheebah has been on top of the game longer that Cindy so she needs to battle artistes like Vinka but not their artiste Sheebah.

As we were still analyzing these statements, the big man himself Jeff Kiwa, who is the CEO of TNS and the person responsible for making Sheebah who she is now came out through his official Instagram account and said that he can only allow a battle if Sheebah is paid  Ug Shs 1 billion.

“No billion no battle,” Jeff wrote on his Instagram earlier today as a caption to a video of Sheebah in a studio session..

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