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NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe And Bukedde TV’s Josephat Seguya Clash

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During Farouk Sempala and Ebonies star Julie Underwood’s introduction in Lubaga over the last weekend, Bukedde TV’s Josephat Seguya faced off with NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe. In an attempt to have the news anchor talk about the recent social media exchange between her and Justin Nameere, Seguya faced it rough to an extent that Faridah almost spat in his Face. 

When the strategic Seguya spotted Nakazibwe, he grabbed the chance to get some juicy response out of her since has been silent ever since she stirred up the hornet’s nest.

“Seguya leave me alone; ‘sagala buuji mubaala’ (loosely meaning: I do not like bringing irrelevant/unrelated topics in the wrong place),” Nakazibwe told off Seguya as he tried asking her about the feud.

Seguya could not let her go without getting what he wanted so he insisted and followed her as Faridah  tried to run to her car, leaving unceremoniously.

“Seguya I cannot talk about that, I told you all the issues are at police.  Made a statement so you can go and extract any details you want from that, interpret it the way you want.” she finally commented while uncomfortably shying away from the camera.

Seguya after that moment tried to change topics to ask her about her trip to Washington DC, Nakazibwe was already defensive and fuming with rage as if she was guilty of something.

“So can you comment on this issue of DC” Seguya barely completed his statement when the guilty conscious Nakazibwe retaliated saying, “no am not talking about it.”

 As she walked toward her car, she met with Police men who were guarding the visitors’ cars and cried out to them. She said  “Please save me from this gentleman.”

Whereas Namere is doing everything possible to show up at every media house to defend herself, Nakazibwe is ‘throwing’ her bitterness at anyone who tries to get a word from her on the issue yet she is the one who started everything.

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